EDITOR'S NOTE: When it comes to literary community - what we think that word means, or could mean, or should - it’s been a hard few weeks for many. For us, too. There has been plenty to read; to talk about at length, and with no clear resolution; to feel and think through on our own; to hear, to listen, to absorb. A friend of mine wrote, "I am grieved but not surprised and that is a very female feeling." I have nodded at this, and other things said. I have been – in turns and at once – heartbroken, breathless, grateful, confused, curious, angry, and ultimately really sad. We’re grateful to have worked with the immensely talented Heroes Are Gang Leaders on our most recent issue. I continue in my admiration, gratitude, and awe for their work and the generosity with which they approached this collaboration. Issue 20 will remain active and live. And until our next new issue goes live, we will feature a favorite from the past: Issue 4 (October 2009). Thank you, as always, for listening. - Hannah Ensor, Co-editor
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Issue 4 :: October 2009

Editor's Note

1) Poetry is protest; however, as evidenced by the numerous ‘tea parties’ that have recently taken shape across the US, protest isn’t always poetry.

2) ‘What time is it?’ poetry asks (in Anne Waldman’s voice) and evokes a history of brutality even as it critiques that brutality—even as it partakes in it.

3) As Best Friends Forever remind us, ‘HIYA!’, art it is radical engagement; it will knock you unconscious if you let it.

4) The sound of culture at work can be transformed into a drone of deep meaning and playfulness; Jeremy Leclair proves it.

5) The shape our words take shape our world and ourselves; Kenneth Krabat, I believe, insists it is true.

6) ‘Our skin is a person’, ‘our immediate forest.’ —Laura Goldstein

Dear listeners, I’d like to introduce issue 4 of textsound (It’s not a privilege; it’s your right) and welcome you to our little democracy of sound. Get it while it lasts!

All Best,

Adam Fagin