EDITOR'S NOTE: When it comes to literary community - what we think that word means, or could mean, or should - it’s been a hard few weeks for many. For us, too. There has been plenty to read; to talk about at length, and with no clear resolution; to feel and think through on our own; to hear, to listen, to absorb. A friend of mine wrote, "I am grieved but not surprised and that is a very female feeling." I have nodded at this, and other things said. I have been – in turns and at once – heartbroken, breathless, grateful, confused, curious, angry, and ultimately really sad. We’re grateful to have worked with the immensely talented Heroes Are Gang Leaders on our most recent issue. I continue in my admiration, gratitude, and awe for their work and the generosity with which they approached this collaboration. Issue 20 will remain active and live. And until our next new issue goes live, we will feature a favorite from the past: Issue 4 (October 2009). Thank you, as always, for listening. - Hannah Ensor, Co-editor
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Issue 4 :: October 2009


Best Friends Forever: Holly Mae and Alana are a band of two. They are best friends. Forever. Holly Mae and Alana write all their own songs except for the ones they steal from old folk singers. Holly Mae and Alana are not cold as ice, nor are they willing to sacrifice their love.

Birdwall is an analog noise transmission from the sunshine state of Michigan. Members consist of Hammerhead (N Heidrich) and the Magic Carpet (M Powell). Birdwall was born on a winter evening, just off exit 144 near Bridgeport, MI. While sitting in the Shell station parking lot seducing truck drivers with CB feedback and static whispers from Hammerhead's Chevette CB radio, these two artistes bruit decided to make recordings using the very same sound aesthetic that the Interstate 75 truckers knew and loved so well. Birdwall employ cheap guitars, blown out tube amplifiers, Panasonic thrift-store tape recorders, distortion, and a variety of secret ancient tape-editing techniques passed down via the lineage of grandmaster Hui-Neng, the 6th noise patriarch.

Ambrose Bye is the composer, musician and producer for/of the CD Matching Half with Anne Waldman & Akilah Oliver (Farfalla McMillen Parrish 2009). He also composed the music & produced The Eye of The Falcon with Anne Waldman. Visit his MySpace Page.

Joanna Fuhrman is the author of three books of poetry, Freud in Brooklyn, Ugh Ugh Ocean and Moraine, all published by Hanging Loose Press. In November 2009, Alice James Books is releasing Pageant.

Laura Goldstein is a poet who lives, performs, teaches and practices yoga in Chicago. She has two chapbooks: Ice in Intervals from Hex Press and Day of Answers from Tir Aux Pigeons. She also has many poems published on the web. She teaches Drama, Literature and Writing at the School of the Art Institute and Loyola.

Kenneth Krabat debut w. poetry 1985, ...Naiv? Sagde det nøgne barn (...Naíve? Said the naked child). Runs the artists webhotel http://menneske.dk w/ Søren Raagard (since 1998). Books, CD's of improvisation, science fiction novellas, breath work teaching, translations from English, German, Norwegian, Swedish into Danish. Poetry recordings since late 80's. 2008-2009 chairman of the poets at The Danish Authors Union and member of the board of directors. Editor of 1045 page poetry anthology, http://ordloest.dk, 2009.

Jeremy LeClair is fascinated by the residues and imprints left behind by pop culture, particularly pop music. His compositions and installations use these transient forms to reveal deeper relationships between sound, psychology and memory. He currently lives on the cusp of coastal ME and NH, where he operates the collective project space BUOY and formulates imagined, celebrity alter egos for his dog GoogleBrangelinaNikeWhopper.

about "swarm of sun valley": Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo Choo" from the musical "Sun Valley Serenade" was the first ever gold record (RIAA certified 500,000 copies sold.) "swarm of sun valley" is the result of the straightforward but laborious process of layering 500,000 identical recordings of this song on top of one another. Absolutely no other processing was done.

ookoi "Time/Place" was recorded using the ookoi's reactive soundtrack for Project Icarus, part of Dutch filmmaker Dick Tuinder's feature-film Winterland (2009). (Read more at winterland.soundblog.net). The ookoi's reactive version of the soundtrack - Project Icarus OST - is available as a free scene for the iPhone (and iPod-touch) application RjDj. It allows you to endlessly create and record versions of the ookoi's soundtrack, allways different, still always quite the same ... for indeed, "most things never happen" ...

Visit ookoi.nl

Austin Publicover larval hermeneutics noise prosody brothel frond frond visored burgeonette

Brian Schorn is an interdisciplinary artist. He received an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College where he studied with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, Alvin Curran, Maggie Payne and Chris Brown. In addition, he received an MFA in creative writing from Brown University where he studied with Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop and CD Wright. Schorn's music has been performed in France, The Netherlands, Austria, New York and elsewhere throughout the United States. His music appears on the compilation releases Clinical Jazz, Open Source/Open Ear and The Last Signal. In 2008, he released his first collection of electronic, text-sound compositions on the internet label Cyclene Records. In 2009, Schorn's graphic scores and creative writing will be published in Notations21: An Anthology of Innovative Notation. He is the author of Strabismus published by Burning Deck. New poems were recently published in the journal Unsaid#4.