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Issue 14 :: February 2013

Submission Guidelines

Front Range Poetics: Call for Work!

Submissions are open during the month of March to poets of the Colorado Front Range. We're looking for audio work that represents the aesthetic diversity of Colorado poetry–with special consideration given to experimental and sound-based pieces. Collaborations, sound collages, field recordings, live performances, instrumentals (or any combination of the above) are encouraged. In past issues, we've put out poems by Alice Notley, Anne Waldman, Ben Doller, Douglas Kearney, Edwin Torres, Ish Klein, Linh Dinh, Nick Demske, and Rodrigo Toscano. Please see our archive to get a further sense of what we publish.

Send 1-3 MP3 files to frontrangepoetics [at] gmail [dot] com. Submissions sent outside of March will not be considered. Please indicate in your email whether or not you give permission to have your work archived by PennSound. Please also include a bio and brief aesthetic statement in your email.

This issue is set to come out in the summer of 2016.

-Adam Fagin, Front Range Poetics Editor


For this issue of textsound, we will consider submissions that exist within these three general categories:

WORKS. Sound works: poems, performances, noise pieces, experiments with sounding technologies/instruments, opera, non-cochlear compositions, etc. We are especially interested in works that are composed specifically to be sounded/recorded, and significantly veer away from any page-based materialization.

DIALOGUES. Conversations: from intimate talk between conversants to exchange from public events, on subjects theoretical, personal, and/or somehow working outside of those categories. We are interested in a range of possible works here: archival recordings; exchanges on recent issues (on activisms, aesthetics, poetics, sound); chit-chat.

FIELD. Field recordings, however that term might be construed by the contributor: ambient recordings (landscape- or architecturally-oriented), soundwalks, bio-acoustics, mediated spaces (e.g. radio or television speech/sound, electronic environments). We are especially interested in documenting ways in which sounds are a part of, depict, interact, and/or compose a terrain.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a possible contribution, please contact the issue editor Michael Nardone at mdn [at] soundobject [dot] net.

To submit works, it is best to transfer files using WeTransfer or DropBox. Before sending a work, please contact the issue editor at the above address with an email that states: the name of the work; what category you would like it to be considered within; and a brief description of the work (less than 150 words).